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Brad Hoshaw is an acoustic singer-songwriter from Omaha, Nebraska. Brad's music is mellow, authentic, and deeply powerful, delivered in a soothing tenor voice that brings to mind James Taylor and Fleet Foxes. You can learn more about Brad on this site as well as where he will be performing and how to purchase his music. Thank you for visiting!

The 30 jobs of an independent musician

Ideally, as a performing singer-songwriter, the majority of my time and effort should be focused on (1) writing the best songs possible, (2) continuing to develop my musical abilities, (3) leading productive rehearsals with my band and (4) giving memorable live performances. But recently I started thinking about all the additional jobs I've had to learn, over the past 20 years, in my effort to maintain and build my music career. 

For artists at the top of the food chain, these other jobs are often filled…

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